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Thanks to people like you who love and admire the American Quarter Horse, the Foundation is able to continue our work to preserve and protect our horses’ well-being for future generations.


Imagine the dreams we can realize together. Join us in making a difference.

The Foundation connects horses and people through charitable giving in order to develop and support programs or initiatives that preserve our horse’s legacy and further the overall well-being of the American Quarter Horse and the people who comprise the Quarter Horse family.

Planned Giving

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The American Quarter Horse Foundation supports worthy causes, thanks to generous gifts from people like you. Learn more about gift planning and the ways you can organize your gifts.

Ambassadors Program

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Ambassadors are individuals who turn their enthusiasm for the American Quarter Horse into opportunities to share the work and mission of the Foundation with others in their communities.


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From supporting dreams through scholarships to changing the landscape of equine welfare and medicine to connecting thousands of people to the horse each year; the Foundation is dedicated to helping you make a transformative impact in our industry.

The American Quarter Horse Foundation assesses a 5% management fee on all non-construction gifts as of July 1, 2019.  Corporate and Foundation gifts are exempt from the fee if there is a prohibition by corporation or foundation against a fee being charged. Do you have questions about giving to AQHF, or how AQHF stewards donor gifts? Please contact us at 806-378-5029.