AQHA Facts

View the latest facts and figures from the American Quarter Horse Association.

From executive committee members to our latest membership numbers, the AQHA Fact Sheet will give you the rundown on all things AQHA.

History of the Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is one of the most versatile and well known horse breeds in the world.

The American Quarter Horse comes from a fascinating and rich history, with origins tracing back to Colonial America.

History of AQHA

The rich history of the association and this iconic horse breed is just as bountiful as America itself.

Since 1940, the American Quarter Horse Association has been paving a way for passionate horseman and horsewomen to come together in the name of the American Quarter horse for the breed’s preservation, celebration, and advancement. The rich history of the association and the breed of horse is just as bountiful as America itself.


Year-end award winners will receive an official AQHA certificate in the mail in recognition of this outstanding accomplishment, in addition to great awards.

Recipients who receive a trophy for their title have the opportunity to purchase a duplicate specially designed trophy through AQHA’s official awards provider, Awards Recognition Concepts.