Leading Owners, Trainers, Breeders and Jockeys

Points of the leaders in the Bank of America Racing Challenge.

The John Deere Champion Owner receives John Deere product and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.                                       

Owner Points

Charles G Stojan - 2019 LEADING OWNER

RTM Stables LLC    43
Reliance Ranches LLC    35
Gonetothebrightside Syndicate    35
Rockin J Running Horses    31
Garza Laurel Partnership LLC    31
Jordan D Baumann    30
Ray L & Davy D Madewell    30
Cavenaugh Quarter Horses LLC    30
John G Johnson    26
Connie Chumbley    26


The Nutrena Champion Breeder receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.

Breeder   Points
Steve D Burns - 2019 LEADING BREEDER   104
Bobby D Cox                   79
Reliance Ranches LLC    75
Weetona Stanely    37
Francisco Javier Garza    37
Randy Dickerson    33
Duwyne or Janice Pfeifle    30
Ray L & Davy Madewell    30
McColee Land & Livestock LLC    30
Michale A Pohl    28


The Wrangler Champion Trainer receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.

Trainer Points
Mark Hanson - 2019 LEADING TRAINER                                        115
William H Leech    94
Jason L Olmstead    93
Clinton R Crawford    76
Tammy K Johnson    67
Stacy S Charette-Hill    66
Josue Ponce    61
Robert 'Bob' Johnson    58
Monty Arrossa    54
Jose A Rosales    53


The Nutrena Champion Jockey receives cash and a custom buckle from Awards Recognition Concepts.    

Jockey Points
Ricardo Moreno - 2019 LEADING JOCKEY                                       70
Jorge Torres    68
Jesus Canales    63
Nakia Ramirez    56
Stormy Smith    49
D I Benitez    49
Juan Pulido    40
Jimmy Dean Brooks    40
James A Flores    36
Daniel Antonio Torres    36