Training Your Horse for a Better Relationship with Curt Pate

Horseman Curt Pate outlines his top 10 training tips: spook proofing, catching a horse, calming a nervous horse, proper flexion, ground work, appropriate tack and much more.

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Building a better relationship with your horse can open a world of possibilities for your teamwork – be it on the trail, on the ranch or in competition.

In the FREE Training Your Horse for a Better Relationship, horseman Curt Pate stresses:

  • Too much pressure can make a horse feel threatened by his handler.
  • Focus on keeping you and your horse steady.
  • Our actions can be a detriment to our horses if we're not careful.
  • Sometimes a minimalist approach offers the most to your horse.
  • We want to instill discipline in our horses, but we need it in ourselves as well. 
  • Be a "thinking horseman" when you pick up the halter.

Curt Pate has been conducting demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting, horsemanship and safety for decades. His abilities conducting both horsemanship and stockmanship demonstrations along with his ability as an effective communicator have made him a sought after clinician both on the national and international scene. (Learn more at

The FREE Training Your Horse for a Better Relationship expands on:

  1. Never think “predator-prey relationship.”
  2. Teach your horse to accept pressure.
  3. Always work with the horse to achieve mental and physical balance.
  4. Recognize the negative effects of over-flexing your horse.
  5. Stay calm to relax a nervous horse.
  6. Keep ground work to a minimum.
  7. Use as little equipment as possible.
  8. Practice the emergency stop.
  9. Self-discipline is a virtue – remember that when you’re with your horse.
  10. Before working with a young horse, learn how to correctly catch and saddle him.

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