Peter McCue: Influential Quarter Horse

A blue-blooded horse with a blue-collar name begat the modern America Quarter Horse. Learn all about Peter McCue in this free ebook.

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Take a trip back in time as Richard Chamberlain for The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal turns the clock and tells the tale of Peter McCue, a stallion that 5.1 million of today's 5.3 million registered Quarter Horses trace their heritage to.

What do Be A Bono and With All Probablity have in common - other than that they both are American Quarter Horses who reached the top of their games, the former as world champion racehorse and the latter as an AQHA World Show Superhorse?

Most likely, you know of a Quarter Horse that is related to the great Peter McCue. Learn everything there is to know about Peter McCue from his humble beginnings, his race career, where he lived, his owners and much more in AQHA's FREE ebook, The Gospel According to Peter.

In his prime, Peter was 16 hands and 1,430 pounds. This bay stallion was the fastest 2-year old of his time in America, with his best distance being the half mile. The Gospel According to Peter ebook includes a reprinted article from a Chicago newspaper during Peter's 2-year old campaign recounting his maiden race, a tale of the true athleticism that the rookie team of Peter and his jockey possessed.

Trace your way, literally, through the American Quarter Horse's foundation bloodlines with a diagram of all the foundation bloodlines and the great stallions that have made the Quarter Horse what it is today. This will allow you to not only read about the horses and their bloodlines, but also visualize how all of the old great Quarter Horses paved the way for today's Quarter Horse.

Where did Peter McCue get his great traits that he passed on? Find out in this report. Just a few to whet your appetite would be Old Cold Deck, Steel Dust and Shiloh. Go further in depth and uncover the stories of generations of great breeding, all linked to Peter McCue, one of the most influential Quarter Horse stallions.

What made Peter McCue such an instrumental stallion in the early 1900s? Determine for yourself in The Gospel According to Peter. Was it the fact that he sired two of the original 19 foundation sires found in the AQHA Studbook? Is it the fact that the first horse ever to be registered, Wimpy P1, was a direct descendent of Peter? Maybe it is the fact that, out of the first 11,510 Quarter Horses to be registered between when Wimpy was registered and the joining AQHA, the American Quarter Racing Association and the National Quarter Horse Breeders Association, 2,304 of the horses traced their male lines to Peter McCue.

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September-October 2020 cover of The American Quarter Horse Journal

September-October 2020

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