2021 AQHA Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit

2021 AQHA Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit

Join the AQHA International Department for the 2021 Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit.

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Start the year off on the right “hoof” by making plans to attend the 2021 AQHA Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit, hosted February 8-12 through an online learning platform. At the summit, the American Quarter Horse Association, in partnership with the international affiliates from the Australasia-Africa membership region, is excited to host prerecorded and live seminars to review AQHA business, education and celebrate this membership region.

AQHA business day items will review AQHA International Department-specific and general AQHA news, task force updates, rule changes, funding structures, educational seminars and other information that is pertinent to the region. Topics of discussion also include short- and long-term goals for the AQHA International Department, as well as business plan goals for the affiliate organizations.

Educational day content will cover American Quarter Horse health and management. A live question and answer component will also be offered with equine health and management industry professionals.

At this virtual summit, you can also join AQHA for a live trivia game to test your knowledge about the Australasia-Africa region, as well as AQHA- and summit-related topics.

Lastly, AQHA invites attendees to join a summit roundtable where AQHA staff will discuss how the Association can best serve international members in a continued global pandemic-influenced environment. Attendees’ input will be vital to help AQHA shape the direction of international programs in the new year.

The 2021 Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit is available free to current AQHA members.

If you have questions, contact international@aqha.org.

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