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The Bank of America Racing Challenge has been a source of quality racing for horses of all levels and abilities for the past 25 years. Learn more about this long-standing competition by exploring these links.

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December 07, 2022 | Racing Racing
The Indiana Horse Racing Commission has approved the track's 2023 dates.
December 07, 2022 | Racing Racing
December 05, 2022 | Racing Racing
December 05, 2022 | News and Publications Conferences, conventions and seminars
December 01, 2022 | Racing Racing

Find Your Level

Need help finding your AQHA show level? Follow these helpful steps.

1. Visit aqhaservices.aqha.com/members/summaries/viewleveling.

2. Choose a division: amateur, open or youth.
3. Choose show year.
4. Choose: exhibitor or horse.
5. Enter ID: membership ID for exhibitor or registration number for horse.
6. Click “Search.”

Note: A Level 1 eligibility application must be filed each year, and all Level 1 exhibitors are encouraged to complete the Level 1 application and return it to AQHA as soon as possible. 

Previous Level 1 application information on file with AQHA may conflict with current eligibility, which would affect the eligibility being shown on the level verification system.


Classes are leveled based on exhibitor or horse records. Level eligibility is based on both points and awards earned.

  • Leveled by exhibitor record: youth, amateur, Select amateur, halter and cattle classes
  • Leveled by horse record: open division classes (excluding halter and cattle events)
  • Rookie level is based on exhibitor record and horse record individually. Both the horse must be eligible and the exhibitor must be eligible based upon their individual record. 
    • SHW252 Rookie eligibility is based on lifetime achievements of exhibitor and horse.

Helpful Tips

  • If you or your horse is eligible for a class, the field will show “Y.” If you are not eligible, the field will show “N.”
  • Because Level 1 applications must be filed on an annual basis, an out-of-date Level 1 application may effect your Level 1 eligibility status on the level verification system. If you suspect that you are Level 1-eligible, but the system is saying different, please contact AQHA Customer Service for assistance.
  • When verifying a horse’s eligibility, be sure to select “Open Division.”
  • Additional information regarding Level 2 World Show criteria is available in the World Show Resources.
  • If you suspect an error, please contact AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811.

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