Second-Career Racehorses

Caring for the American Quarter Horse while racing and when they come off the track to be a retired racehorse.

Second Career Star SCS Shenoshowtofly, a dark bay nearly black horse, image shows two pictures, on left is the horse as a racehorse, and the right is the horse as a leadline competitor, standing with her owner at her head, and a small girl sitting on her back in a western saddle.

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The American Quarter Horse is known around the world for its versatility, athleticism and gentle temperament. These traits make off-the-track Quarter Horses uniquely suited for second careers once they retire as racehorses.

These retired racehorses are in high demand for many purposes, including barrel racing, rodeo, roping, horse shows, jumping, dressage, ranching and trail riding. An educated horseman can transition a retired racehorse to a second career where many have gone on to be highly successful, competing to the highest levels of competition, such as the Farnam AQHA World Championship Show or the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

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