RHC Level 1 Ltd Youth Box-Drive-Box-Drive

RHC Level 1 Ltd Youth Box-Drive-Box-Drive

Callie Olson and Leroys Sugarman win Level 1 limited youth box-drive-box-drive.

Ranching Heritage Challenge youth box drive box drive

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Leroys Sugarman Pedigree: 2008 sorrel gelding, Dual Playin-Kota More by Some More Lena Breeder: Richard Caulfield of Springview, Nebraska Owner: Jamie or Mica Olson of Bloomfield, Nebraska Exhibitor: Callie Olson of Bloomfield, Nebraska Total Class Entries: 3 Champion Prizes: Champion buckle, trophy, champion neck wreath, logoed jacket and world champion patch Second Place: Cats Royal Bandit and Parker Josph Ralston of Collbran, Colorado Third Place: BC Docs Sail Wind and Hope Moskiewicz of Eagle, Wisconsin