VRH Rookie Amateur Cutting

VRH Rookie Amateur Cutting

Given Ya Goosebumps and Jamie Jacobsen take the title in Versatility Ranch Horse rookie amateur cutting.

Given Ya Goosebumps and Jamie Jacobsen are the champs in VRH rookie amateur ranch cutting.

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Given Ya Goosebumps Pedigree: 2010 gelding, Starlight Captain-Missy Dual Master by Dual Peppy Breeder: Kenneth L. and Carol A. Russell of Klamath Falls, Oregon Owner: Jamie M. Jacobsen of Holton, Kansas Exhibitor: Jamie Jacobsen Total Class Entries: 22 Champion Prizes: Trophy and ribbon Second Place: Freckled Rico and Matt L. Clark of Hugoton, Kansas Third Place: Boonys Queen and Rachel Adam of Otter, Montana Fourth Place: Highbrow Truckers and Elizabeth M. Kallstrom of Tucson, Arizona Fifth Place: Anna Marie Taz and Chantel Tubbs of Montrose, Colorado Sixth Place: Firecat Flashenfever (RHB) and Ruth E. Shriver of Morristown, Arizona Seventh Place: MJ Lastshotofwhisky and Mary Gandy of Ennis, Montana Eighth Place: Rockin W Gypsy and Stacy McFall of Ward, Arkansas Ninth Place: LRR Shimr Stepnshine and Julie A. Anderson of Owen, Wisconsin Tenth Place: Freckles Brassbutton and Julie Dunn of Rifle, Colorado