Working Cow Horse 18 & Under - Level 1

Working Cow Horse 18 & Under - Level 1

Catelyn Walker rides Playin Motown to win a gold trophy.

level 1 working cow horse playin motown and catelyn walker

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Playin Motown Pedigree: 2014 sorrel gelding (Mr Playinstylish-Mo Flo by Mr Peponita Flo) Breeder: Kit and Charlie Moncrief and Lee Tennison Owner: Catelyn Walker of Prairie Grove, Arkansas Exhibitor: Catelyn Walker of Prairie Grove, Arkansas Total Class Entries: 15 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath and top-10 patch Second Place: Woo Hoo Sue and Breanne Nicole Faris of Pueblo, Colorado Third Place: Rey Out There and Mead William Gerfen of Purcell, Oklahoma Fourth Place: (tie) Spookys Roan Rolex and Isabelle Gonzalez of Lafayette, Louisiana Fifth Place: (tie) Playinhardtoforget and Robert "Tell" Bagley of Dimmitt, Texas Sixth Place: Swing Like Elin and Bailey Marie Gregg of Guthrie, Oklahoma Seventh Place: Rankins Reminic and Amy Weich of La Mesa, New Mexico Eighth Place: SF Shining Light and Ayden Long of Lebanon, Kansas Ninth Place: TH Zack B Quick and Hunter Beason of Philadelphia, Mississippi Tenth Place: SS Scat Cat and Dawson Cox of Pleasant Plains, Arkansas