Rewards in All-Breeds Division

Recognize every horse on your trail ride through the All-Breeds Division of the Horseback Riding Program.

people riding horses on a trail

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The AQHA Horseback Riding Program rewards you for doing what you love – spending time riding your horse.

In addition to its Quarter Horse division, AQHA, with the help of sponsors Cashel, SmartpakNutrena and Adequan, offers an All-Breeds division, which allows every horse on your trail ride to earn rewards. 

As a participant, when you reach award threshold hours, you will receive prizes, courtesy of AQHA and the program’s valued sponsors. 

Prizes are subject to availability and may be different from items pictured. AQHA reserves the right to change awards or levels. Prizes may vary or not be available outside of the continental U.S. The revised rewards are effective as of  August 1, 2022, and are not retroactive.

As a Horseback Riding Program participant, you can purchase the exclusive Horseback Riding Program denim jacket to display your achievement patches.

Call the AQHA Horseback Riding Team at 806-376-4811 to order your jacket, or place your order online!



AQHA Horseback Riding Program All-Breeds Prizes

  Hours    Prize


50 Cashel Bucket Strap and 50 Hour Patch

100 Cashel Hook & Loop Brush and 100 Hour Patch

250 SmartPak $25 Gift Card and 250 Hour Patch

500 Recognition in AQHA’s All-Breed Division HBR 500 Digital Yearbook and 500 Hour Patch

750 SmartPak $25 Gift Card and 750 Hour Patch

1,000 Cashel Tail Bag and 1,000 Hour Patch

1,500 SmartPak $25 Gift Card and 1,500 Hour Patch

2,000 Cashel Slow Feed Top-Load Feed Bag and Recognition in AQHA’s All-Breed Division HBR Top Achievement Yearbook and 2,000 Hour Patch